Clients reach out to us when they have a question:

  • We think data can fundamentally change our business. But how? And what can we do to get started?
  • We clean up a lot of data, but it never ends.  Is there a better way?
  • We are trying to become data driven, but our senior execs don’t believe the reports they’re getting.  What can we do to build trust?

Everyone should ask questions like these, it’s a fast moving and confusing landscape. Data are exerting themselves, more and more, promising great opportunity--fundamental new discovery from “big data,” better products and service, and more informed, confident decisions.  But few are ready. They don't know what to do in the short run, never mind the long, and those that wait too long are at great risk.

 Our first role is helping you understand options for dealing with such knotty problems.  We help you see your data issues and opportunities in a new light.  We develop an independent view of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  And we work together to craft a course of action that builds on your strengths.   

Our second role is helping you build the organizational capabilities to improve. This involves getting the right people in place, developing talent, and building a data friendly culture.

Our third role, often the most important, is helping secure executive leadership.  Our credibility in this space is unmatched.

Each company is different and sorting out what is best requires, experience, proven techniques, and hard work.  We bring dozens of roadmaps, toolkits, workshops, and educational offerings that we mix and match to help our clients think through their data and data quality futures. 


We  respect our clients confidentiality and are grateful that a few in finance, oil and gas, and telecom have allowed us to publish summaries of their work in our books, Harvard Business Review, and other media venues



From basic data education to train up managers to our data maestro program for data professionals we offer workshop-style courses, presentations, round-table discussions, directed independent study, and beyond to give students the experiences they need to assume leadership roles in data and data quality.  For example, Big Data, Informationalization and Data Quality: Creating Competitive Advantage from Data is the centerpiece for University of Cork College, Cork, Ireland, Masters of Science in Data Business.

These are usually in support of advisory services, but are proving themselves as content for company courses and source material for company events.  Customer needs are changing rapidly in this area and we're listening.  So if you don't see what you want, ASK!

Here is an example of what we do in this area.